Conventional crops

For European producers and retailers, Latam Produce has cultivated specific conventional crops (garlic, onion, pumpkin, green peas, sweet corn) and organic produce (like baby soya for Japan, quinoa, chia, sweet corn) on demand in Latin America.

"Crop production on demand" for large supermarket chains
Latam Produce seeks out and find the best quality producers and connects them directly with the supermarket chains. It cuts costs by skipping intermediaries in the supply chain and delivers a fresher product to the end consumer.

In this way, consistent year-round supplies are ensured whilst we take care of the crop rotation and supplies from other sources.
Longer seasons
We help European producers and importers make a better margin on products when they are not commonly available, while fulfilling consumer demand.
(Pre)selected producers
We use our local market contacts to connect you with the best producers around.
Independent quality control
We appoint specialist surveyors to carry out regular quality controls, on behalf of buyers, to ensure the required conditions.
Large volumes
When matching importers with capable producers with arable land, we can deliver large volumes (70 ha) if it is required.
Guarantee of fresh supplies
Counter seasonability ensures the year- round availability of fresh produce. 
High quality delivery
Fulfilling our clients´ expectations through the constant monitoring & control of produce.
On site "Technical crop specialists"

Our technical supervisors oversee the quality control of each individual crop . They conduct regular quality controls and ensure the right conditions for the crops, thus protecting your interests in Latin America.

You benefit from our technical support by either:
Connecting to
specialised producers
Cultivating land, with irrigation and technical supervision
Every week, a technical supervisor monitors your crops making sure that the whole process of planting, growing, and harvesting is done according to your specifications, and therefore guaranteeing a satisfactory quality yield.

A fully functional pivot will be about 50 to 65 hectares in size. Latam Produce takes care of the operational work, provides the required staff and recommends specialists to keep an eye on your interests.
Piepers om da pampa

Jochem Rovers, Manager Development New Projects at Farm Frites,  travels 40 weeks per year all around the world to find the best places to grow potatoes for the Dutch company.

Find out more about his testimonial (in Dutch only).

       The business development manager of one of the world´s producers of French fries scoured the globe to find quality production grounds. It was only when he arrived in the Province of Mendoza that the conditions to produce the best potatoes were right there!
       The perfect soils, intense sunshine and abundant water that flows down from the Andes make Mendoza a dream come true!